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Los finales de carrera de seguridad de Honeywell reciben el certificado SIL 3 de acuerdo con  la rEGULACIÓN INTERNACIONAL IEC 61508-2

Octubre 2010 - S&C anuncia que su linea de finales de carrera de seguridad ha recibido la certificación SIL 3 por parte de SIRA,  organismo que garantiza y certifica su utilización en aplicaciones de seguridad de acuerdo con IEC 61508-2.


La nueva regulación entrará en vigor a finales del año 2011 y su elección simplificará para los fabricantes de equipo e integradores el cumplimiento de esta normativa internacional para aplicaciones de seguridad. Para su uso en equipos robotizados, máquinas herramienta, prensas, cizallas, mauinaria de impresión, máquinas cortadoras, lineas de montaje, cintas transportadoras, zonas clasificadas con riesgo de explosión, etc.





Independent testing verifies Honeywell safety switches are manufactured to high industry standards

   MINNEAPOLIS, October 19, 2010 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced today that its line of MICRO SWITCH™ safety switches have received SIL 3 certification from SIRA, an independent, third party firm, making them suitable for a wide range of safety applications worldwide, including assembly, material handling, packaging, machine tools, conveying, metalworking, and robotics.

   Using a rigorous testing process, this certification not only verifies quality, reliability, and effectiveness, but also meets IEC 61508-2 standards for selling and designing in Europe. Any OEM, machine builder, system integrator, or automation provider who needs to manufacture to a safety integration level, can now incorporate Honeywell’s SIL 3 capable safety switches into their designs.

   “New safety standards are going into effect at the end of 2011, and Honeywell makes it easier for OEMs to get SIL certification for their own machines using our SIL 3 certified safety switch components,” said Steve Gonzalez-Costa, Global Product Manager. “This is another example of how Honeywell is committed to delivering quality in our manufacturing, testing, and design processes. We want to meet and exceed our customers’ performance requirements and SIL 3 certification helps by verifying that we are manufacturing to high industry standards.”